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Generate timetable easily

Automatic timetable generator

Automatic timetable generation

Specify constraints, e.g. mark forbidden, unwanted or mandatory positions for school resources and our unique automatic generator will solve all constraints within seconds and create the best possible timetable.

Improve generatad timetable

Improve generated timetable

Use pin to fix the position of cards you don't want to be moved (e.g. you are already satisfied with their position) and start improving your timetable. The generator will create a valid timetable without moving the pinned cards.

Instant validation

Instant validation

Make sure your timetables are always correct, by turning on instant validation. Validation errors, if any, will blink in the timetable view so that you can easily spot and fix them.

Manual timetabling

Manual timetabling

You can drag cards to any position in the timetable. The shadow of the dragged card will show up in extra views, so that you can find an available position. Conflicted cards are automatically rotated. If you are not satisfied, just undo unwanted actions.

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Improvements for custom periods

You can define more than one custom period during the one default period. For instance, during the default period of 45 minutes you can add 3 shorter lessons of 15 minutes each.

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