Mac OS X LeopardAre you looking for school timetable software for Mac? If true, then look no further. Prime Timetable is unique and innovative online timetabling service available at that works natively on your Mac OS X and is accessible even on mobile phone. Say goodbye to virtual PC emulators, no need for downloading unsafe files/programs from Internet. It just works! You can create your school timetable online on your home or school computer and share it with your colleagues or students who can access timetable on their iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone… or any other smartphone or tablet.

Of course, Prime Timetable also works on Windows and we are expecting to support Linux soon. Check out, what’s new in our latest release. Happy timetabling on your Mac!

School timetable software for Mac OS X screenshot

Prime Timetable - school timetable software for Mac OS X screenshot