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Timetabling tools

Timetabling tools are located in bottom right corner of school board frame. To use tool just click on it. To drop a tool click tool again or click on an empty timetable period or use Esc key.

Additional options are available when you click or use tool with Shift, Control or Alt key pressed, e.g. Shift key affects all cards, Control key affects current row, while Alt affects current timetable column.

Pin tool

To pin or unpin cards click on pin tool Pin/unpin timetable tool and then click timetable card to pin or unpin it. To pin/unpin more cards, select pin and then click on a day or period (in timetable header) to pin/unpin whole day or period, or click on first column in row to pin/unpin whole row. For more details read more on how to use pin tool.

Pinned cards can't be dragged and won't be moved while generating new or improving existing timetable.

Sponge tool

In order to remove card (move card to awaiting cards container on the right) click on sponge tool Sponge timetable tool and then click card that should be removed. To remove more cards, select sponge tool and then click on a day or period (in timetable header) to remove whole day or period, or click on a first column in row to remove whole row. For more details read more on how to use sponge tool.

Zoom tool

Click on zoom in tool Zoom in tool or zoom out tool Zoom out tool to zoom in or zoom out timetable cards.

Current zoom level is preserved when you print or export to Html document master or individual timetable view (e.g. cards are bigger or smaller).

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