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Change timetable view

Change timetable view

In order to change timetable view click on view indicator Validate current timetable and then:

Click on class Switch to class view to switch to class view.

Click on teacher Switch to teacher view to switch to teacher view.

Click on room Switch to room view to switch to room view.

Click on subject Switch to subject view to switch to subject view.

To choose individual class, teacher, room or subject view click on the first column in a timetable. To revert back to master timetable view, press Esc key or select desired view by clicking view indicator.

Zoom in and zoom out

Click on zoom in Zoom in or zoom out Zoom out to zoom in or zoom out timetable.

Current zoom level is preserved when you print or export to Html document master or individual timetable view (e.g. cards are bigger or smaller).

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