A timetabler needs to enter lots of data in order to create a timetable, such as subjects, rooms, teachers, classes and groups and most importantly: lessons.

To go directly on lesson tab click owl and select “Manage lessons”. In the left pane, there is a lesson filter displayed as a tree view with items such as: Teachers, Classes, Subjects and Rooms. When one of them is clicked global statistics for teachers, classes, subjects or rooms and all lessons will be displayed. For instance, when Classes is clicked, total number of lessons as well as number of entered classes are displayed at the top of the lesson’s data grid.

Global lesson statistics for classes

Global lesson statistics for classes

Expanding top items in the left pane and selecting single entity will display single timetable statistics for selected teacher, class (or group), subject or room as well as lessons count. For instance, selected class 101 has 25 lessons in this screenshot below:

Single lesson statistics

Single lesson statistics for selected class

This way the timetabler can easily validate that number of entered teachers, classes, subjects, rooms and lessons is correct.