So, you’ve created your timetable and would like others to see it. Prime Timetable makes sharing easy: just choose ‘Share -> Publish to the Web’ and click Publish to the Web button, and voila! Your timetable will be visible to anyone you’ve shared the link with. Published web page will be accessible by any Internet device, so that people you share with can access the timetable even from their mobile phone.

To configure the published page, set a default view and whether visitor can switch timetable view. Now you can copy the provided link or visit the published web page.

You needn’t worry about any subsequent changes to the published timetable. The published web page will be automatically updated when the timetable is saved. Furthermore, the published web page will refresh every 20 minutes to make sure the latest timetable version is delivered to all.

If you want to stop publishing timetable, just click Unpublish button and your timetable will not be visible to others.

Here are some online examples of published timetables: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example Brazil, Example Egypt, etc. As always, you can click on the first column to open single timetable view. When printing, the header and rounding corners will be hidden, so that the timetable expands as much as possible on the paper.

Screenshot of online timetableScreenshot of online timetable – Example 1
Screenshot of published timetable for class 5-AScreenshot of published timetable for class 5-A
Screenshot of published timetable for teacher BronteScreenshot of published timetable for teacher Bronte

Share timetable with teachers, publish it for students, receive feedback… the possibilities are endless. And yes, publishing is available in both free and comercial Prime Timetable editions. So, happy timetable sharing and share your feedback with us :) .