We are proud to bring you the world’s first school timetable software offered as a web service – Prime TimetableSoftware as a service (SaaS) also referred to as “software on demand” provides the following advantages:

  • Access from virtually anywhere in the world via Internet browser
  • Freemium business model – use it for free,  pay for advanced options
  • Timetabling on more platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Cloud computing – receive email when your timetable is done
  • Lower subscription price for licensed customers (check our prices)
  • Allows multiple user online collaboration on a single timetable
  • Our instant support while working on your timetable
  • Frequent application updates on monthly, weekly or even daily basis (all updates are free of charge)
  • Storing timetables on our secure servers with regular daily backups (even if you delete your timetable by mistake, we can restore it for you)

Prime Timetable cloud computing image

While Prime Timetable is rapidly improving with every new update, we still provide backward compatibility on customer demand. For instance, although the new Prime Timetable 2.0 is available, the previous version can be used upon request.

With all these advantages over traditional school timetable software we are hoping you will enjoy timetabling more.