There is a new way of defining constraints using a marker. Below method is deprecated.

The most common use of timetabling software is to mark certain periods as forbidden for teachers, rooms, classes or subjects and let automatic timetable generator schedule lessons properly. In other cases when you want to mark certain periods as unwanted or mandatory for teacher, room, class or subject, just follow the below procedure, e.g. for setting mandatory or unwanted subject position:

  • Check Help > Options > Show Marks button in manage grids.
  • Choose Manage > Subjects > Select specific subject in grid > Marks.
  • Set allowed number of unwanted or mandatory lessons per week and per day.

By setting allowed number of unwanted or mandatory lessons you are sending a directive to automatic timetable generator when to consider a timetable correct. If those numbers are set to “Arbitrary” (which is a default value), unwanted and mandatory settings will be ignored by automatic timetable generator.

Screenshot of setting mandatory (blue plus sign) and unwanted (yellow exclamation sign) lessons for Physics in Example 3