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6-301ela6asci6healthmath6 SSpebsci6ela6aSS math6math6ela6asci6FL techaSSpebSSmath6FLarta ela6aartaSHmusicaela6asci6 math6
6-303sci6SSela6bPEa math6SSmath6ela6bsci6SH techaFLela6bmusicaPEamath6 artahealthela6bSSmath6 sci6musicaSSFLela6bmath6 sci6
6-305math6healthela6aSS FLsci6artaela6amath6musica pebsci6FLmusicamath6ela6a SSpebSSela6asci6 math6math6artasci6techaSS ela6a
6-309FLartamath7asci6 ela6apebtechasci6SSmath7a ela6asci6SStechamath7a ela6aela6aFLsci6SSpeb math7ahealthela6amath7aSSarta musica
7-311SSmath7asci7 ELhealth FLSSsci7 ELmath7aSSmath7a  ELartaELmath7a musicasci7pebmath7asci7SSpeb ELFLtecha
7-403ela6bSS SHsci7math7bsci7musicatecha ela6bFLmath7bSSmath7b  pebela6bFLartaela6b sci7math7bSSsci7ela6bhealth pebmath7bSS
7-409musicaEL sci7SSmath7amath7aELhealth FLpebSSsci7sci7EL  musicamath7asci7peb ELmath7aSStechaSSFLEL math7aarta
7-411pebsci7math7b ela6bFLartaSSmath7bSS sci7musicaela6bpebsci7  ela6bmath7bhealthmusicaSS math7btechaela6bmath7bSSsci7 FLela6b
7/8-422SCmathseSH SSELmusicaartaSSpebmathse SCELSSEL  mathseSCtechahealthEL FLSSmathseSSELpeb mathseSC
8-401techaSSsci8arta math7bELSSFLmath7bSH sci8ELmath7btechapebEL SSsci8sci8math7bSS  ELFLmusicapebmath7b EL
8-405sci8FLela8 pebSSmath8math8sci8techa SHela8SStechaSSela8 FLmath8artasci8math8  ela8math8sci8musicaSS ela8peb
8-407math8pebSS sci8ela8ela8pebsci8 math8SStechamath8sci8SS ela8musicaela8math8SHarta  techaFLsci8math8ela8 SSFL
8-413SHpebmath8 ela8FLsci8artaela8 SSmath8sci8FLmath8 SHSSela8SSpebela8  sci8math8ela8SStechasci8musica math8
5/6-336elaseSSse scisemathsetechaPEaSSseelase techamusicmathsesciseartamathse SSseelasemusicSSsePEascise mathseelasescisemathse elasehealthSSseSH
K/1-102techb      sci1  artb      sci1            PEa       music 
K-103sci1             sci1   PEa        techb          artbmusic
K-105      sci1  artb        techb        sci1       PEa  SH 
K-107 sci1       health     PEa   sci1          artb       health 
K-109       PEa  techb      artamusic          sci1        sci1 
K-111artb            techb        music  sci1          sci1 PEa 
K-113       artb  sci1          sci1         music    PEa techb 
1-101   health     music             sci1       PEa    techb  sci1
1-201   artb         sci1     techb  PEa        sci1    music   
1-203   music  PEa sci1              techbsci1          artb    
1-205 music techb     sci1            sci1      artb    PEa     
1-207  musicsci1     PEa      sci1             techb   artb     
1-209   PEa       sci1   artb      techb  music        sci1     
2-211      techb     music      artb   PEa      sci4 sci4       
2-213       sci4    PEa          artb techb       sci4 music    
2-222      artb     techb  sci4   music      PEa        sci4    
2-224      music     sci4    sci4  artb     techb            PEa
2-226PEa       sci4   artb    music       sci4         techb    
3-221    sci2     music          health        sci2  artb     techb
3-223sci2   artb         music health           sci2    techb      
3-227    techb       health         artb sci2       music  sci2    
3-232  techb health       sci2     sci2     artb        music      
3-234    sci4    techb           sci4       healthmusica      artb  
3/4-302      sci2   sci2         techb   techb   artb    PEa      
4-229  sci2     sci2     health artb          music    sci2       
4-242 PEa            sci2 techb  sci2       health           sci2
4-327   sci2          techb       sci2  sci2     artb       health
4-329       techb sci2    artb sci2             health   sci2     
4-344    techa         musica   artb    sci2   sci2        sci2   
5-321       health  sci4   arta   sci4       musica          techa  
5-323     techa       health        sci4 musica arta           sci4 
5-332 musica        arta       health    techa  sci4            sci4
5-334 techa  musica          artasci4         health          sci4  
5-338  musica   sci4      sci4        health   techa      arta      
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